Daniel DeBlasio is a Commercial Fine Art Photographer and Photo Image Specialist currently residing in Jersey City, New Jersey. Using the camera to express his vision, Danny received his BS in Photography from the Art Institute in Philadelphia in 2010.  He has since worked in every facet of the photography industry (i.e. events. sports, portraits, photojournalism, street photography, advertising, and extensive photo retouching) but nothing brings his heart to life like the creative process of photography when in conjunction with serving the community.

Daniel DeBlasio’s passion for community projects was solidified in 2005 when he volunteered for Americore.  During his ten months of volunteering, he worked in disaster relief studies and education, leading many groups through building houses with Habitat for Humanity.  DeBlasio discovered that not only did this work inspire him, but that he thrived as a creative leader.  He continued this work through community-based projects with the Red Cross, serving as both a teacher’s assistant and team photographer documenting all of their projects.  

In 2015, Danny created the Occupy Art Benefit to raise money for cameras to launch a photography workshop for twelve young men at the Paul Bogle Vocational Training Institute and Trade School, in Lyssons, Jamaica.  See images and read about this amazing project HERE.  This project would be the catalyst for co-founding Danny's passion project: The Yall Art Project.

The Yall Art Project is a non-profit that brings a collaborative art process in photography and painting to kids that have been rescued from or are vulnerable to human trafficking.  The first projects took place in Thailand and Cambodia and he and his partner hope to bring this project all around the world providing an art outlet to communities affected by this pervasive issue. Visit The Yall Art Project to see the process.

Traveling for the Yall Art Project allowed Danny to expand his style of photography which is apparent in his current aesthetic and street photography.